It’s Not A Diet,

It’s A Lifestyle Change

Lose Weight

Gain muscles

Boost Endurance

Awesome Features

No more struggling to reach your goal. Our smart app will get you there so fast 



Custom Meal Plans

Based on your preferences and calories needs, Stamina app will provide you with a healthy meal plan full of delicious recipes that will help reach your goal without you feeling hungry!

Customizable meal planning tools

Hundreds of simple and delicious recipes

Smart grocery lists to save time 

Workout Plans

Train with the most effective Workouts anytime, anywhere, and without any equipment. Our workout plans are set into several difficulty levels to fit from beginners to the advanced

Step by step guidance

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

No Equipment needed



30 day challenges 
Tracking tools

Are you up to the challenge!? Take one or more of our 30 day challenges to lose fat, gain muscles and get in shape. Challenge yourself and watch the improvement in just 30 days.

If you don’t measure you cannot improve!

Stamina app will Keep it simple and easy for you.

Tracking calories and macro intake 

Variety of challenges that target all body

Tracking water intake

Tracking your steps

Short, simple and effective workout routines

The first step to

Look Your Best 

takes one click !


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Our mission in Stamina is to raise the awareness of fitness and nutrition and provide the right features and tools to help you eat healthier, lose fat, and gain muscles.

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