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Home Workouts Section

Train Anytime, Anywhere, With The Best Fitness App!

Train with the most effective Workouts anytime, anywhere, and without any equipment. Our workout plans are set into several difficulty levels to fit from beginners to the advanced

Tracking Calories Section

Take control of
what you eat!

Tracking your calories intake helps you understand your habits and increases your likelihood of reaching your goals. we make it Easy to track your calories and macro!

30 days challenges Section

Are ready to a Challenge yourself?!

Are you up to the challenge!? Take one or more of our 30 day challenges to lose fat, gain muscles and get in shape. Challenge yourself and watch the improvement in just 30 days.

Meal plans Section

Enjoy a healthy and tasty Meal Plans

Based on your preferences and calories needs, Stamina app will provide you with a healthy meal plan full of delicious recipes that will help reach your goal without you feeling hungry!

User Ratings and Reviews

Stamina is an app that users love and get results with!


I’m so proud of the guy that made this app


Exactly the type of application I have been waiting for. Good job.


اول مره اكتب رائي في برنامج ، بس حسيت لازم اعطيه حقه ، جمييييل و فيه تفاصيل كثير من البداية تختار ايش تبقى،الي يدور برنامج فيه تمارين هذا يفوز

lyla alali

So professional and fast that have a larger variety of workouts and recipes 👏👏👏

Hgcinvyl, 04/10/2019

This is the best app to build stamina and to have a light exercise. If you are in to cardio, I HIGHLY recommend this app.


والله مره جميل اشكر إلى مشتغلين عليه مع انو اول يوم بس احسو رح بغيرني ان شاء الله 👍🏻💋

Stamina: Best Fitness app Ever!

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